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Thursday, 4 June 2015

MPs Pay

I don't know how they manage to do it but they keep bringing the issue about increasing MPs pay back every year. Only this time they seem to have managed to convince the media that they deserve an 11% pay rise?

 I will keep the emotions out of this but I am not aware of any public sector Job Evaluation Scheme ( I am an expert on the Single Status Scheme ) that would give an MP more than £45,000 a year. I challenge the body looking at this matter to come up with how they decided that someone who simply could advocate on behalf of a constituent would attract £80,000? totaly ridiculous. But if they produce a scheme that can justify this then I want to use it to get nurses a pay rise in which case they will be on 90K Will someone challenge them?  Or use the same formula ( if there is one..) to pay Trade Union reps the same amount! The argument that it would attract better people if the pay was higher is a ridiculous one. It will attract more opportunist career politicians like Milliband!! No Way!!

Nick Venedi

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