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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What is the Greek financial crisis about?

Picture this. Alabama fucks their finances up but as they are part of the United States Union the Federal machine imposes severe austerity measures on that state which include having reduced pension benefits, lower minimum wage and no protection and more soup kitchens! Well yes it will never happen!

If Berlin desires a full economic and political union then they can not afford to let the Greeks leave the union. The pshycological damage that would create will fuck the markets up and given that the whole of the United States of Europe is about licking the markets asshole Greexit will not happen. The problem arises when the 'clever Greeks' know this and have elected a government which opposes strict austerity measures. If Merket and her sausage eating over weight Ministers want to be the ones that bring the Euro project down then let them go ahead. Perhaps they should read the Spanish press and take into account the victories Podemos made in the recent local elections?

Nick Venedi

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