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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Chuka Umunna. Why did he pull out after less than 2 days?

I knew Chuka from the days when I was a member of the Streatham Labour GC Keith HIll was the MP at the time. I don't think Chuka was too different to many others. I also think that given the collection of career politicians within the party at least Chuka had a real job in the real world.

So why did he pull out less than 2 days after he declared. First of all he is young enough to stand for it again ( he is 36 ) and second he did not anticipate ( wrongly ) that everything he said and had done would be heavily scrutinised. It was obvious from remarks he made to the press before that he is not a working class hero and his love of being on club invitation lists and remarks he made about some clubbers did not do him any favors, but I think his love of himself and his obsession with self promotion was too obvious. It is said, for example, that he created this rumour that he was compared to Obama. Those I know from the Streatham constituency ( and I know many ) did not ever say this so if it is true and he did his own spinning he got it all wrong and the reaction to people finding out would have damaged him. Would he make a good leader? I am afraid no he would not!

Nick Venedi

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