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Friday, 14 February 2014

Is UKIP all about protest?

It looks like more voters than we thought are defecting to UKIP, commentators think this is just a protest vote in between elections and although they might have a point with this the fact remains that the electorate is dissatisfied with the selection of party leaders available to chose from. It is obvious that the current leadership of all 3 major parties offers nothing other  than desperation. They are a collective of amatures who chose to go into politics because they knew they could not make it in any other profession. This is dangerous for this country and the whole world. It means that a group of idiots could make decisions on our behalf that could bring our downfall!! Vote them all out but don't go to the other extreme and elect a flash in the pants party that is just about telling some people what they want to hear!!

Nick Venedi

nick venedi nick venedi nick venedi nick venedi

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