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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Brianist Convention 2013 in SW2

The first Brianist convention took place in Tulse Hill on Friday 13. Member delegates met to prepare to celebrate the birth of Brian ( not Brian Tilsley of Weatherfield but Brian of the Life of Brian) The movement was formed by myself last year. Members believe that Monty Python misinterpreted the teachings of Brian and that he did not say 'don't follow me or anyone else' He in fact said 'don't follow me on a Friday as I do my hair on that day' a significant variation from the truth!! So Monty Python were in fact revisionist heretics. We also believe that Incontinetia and Bigus Digus were in fact Maoists and not Romans. We aim to put all this right by meeting every now and then and looking at the bottom of a glass of wine or six! 

Nick Venedi

nick venedi

nick venedi

nick venedi

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