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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Jeremy Kyle

I admit I spend years criticising those who watch Jeremy Kyle. I watched his programme a few times and I found it vile, but then having watched it again I realised he wasn't the one to blame but the type of people he has on these 'shows'. They are either puting it  on and they want to have their 10 minutes of fame on telly or we are seriously in big trouble they all seem to be totally uneducated and out of touch the type that insist that the earth is flat and that there is Edam cheese on the fucking moon?

Saying all that I was also infuriated when I contacted the producers and asked them to have me on because I wanted to find out through a DNA test whether the purple sox I found on the floor of my bedroom were mine? They are still refusing to reply so I will have to take my complain to Weatherfiled Council and persuade them to put pressure on them? What is wrong with wanting a DNA test on a pair of sox? Are they real or what??

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