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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The world media on Greece

The Greek world has seen a major attack by the media in the Western counties. The financial crisis  has been blamed on what some call 'the lazy Greeks' whilst others have tried to undermine the spirit of a nation that is well used to fighting for its integrity and survival. The attacks have ignored historical factors that have contributed to the destruction of the country. Some one somewhere is trying to break the spirit of the nation but Greeks have been around longer than others.

Greece was involved in two major world wars in the last century. They were also forced into a civil war immediately after the second world war without much help or support from the West. The media ignores the fact that the country did not get any financial help or reparations from Germany. The gold reserves around 900 billion for example that were stolen by the Nazis was never returned. The civil war was fought for 4 years and it was engineered by the USA and Britain who did not want Greece to be part of the Soviet block. So although all the other countries involved with the devastating war were given help and support to rebuilt Greece was in fact thrown into a nasty conflict to preserve and protect Western interests?? And what the fuck for?

Despite the 2 wars and the civil war Greece managed to rebuild most of its infrastructure and become the 10th member of the EEC before Spain or Portugal in 1980. This was a major achievement. So instead of the media in the West trying to undermine the confidence of a proud nation they should remember the struggles the Greeks had to go through and congratulate them for doing a lot without help. Greece will no doubt survive the current crisis and will prevail. A proud nation second to none will rise again and will take its rightful place on the world stage. Greeks are very resilient and they will remember who their friends were in times of crisis. Saying that I have noticed that the British press has been fair and more supportive than others. I thank them for that!

Nick Venedi

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