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Monday, 23 September 2013

Downton Abbey

You either love or hate it. Downtown Abbey is to me an attempt to perpetuate and glorify the idiotic out of date system that allows descendants of cattle thief's to continue with having hold on the power they took from others. There are those who will say that this very system has allowed the country to thrive or win the war ignoring the fact that had it not been for the USA getting involved we wouldn't have. Anyway don't want to get too deep not on Monday morning!

As far as the programme is concerned I find the story lines very boring and weak ( ok only watched it twice) and the acting is actually appalling. I always remember Acorn Antics by Victoria Wood when I watch the acting in Downton Abbey, now that is a fantastic comedy seriers! Not at all surprised that the Americans did not award any EMY's there is no quality involved with Abbey and those who watch it do it instead of knitting. Allows them to fantasise about Lady Banana and Brigadier Asshole. Total nonsense am afraid!

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