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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Cyprus crisis. A matter for oil?

The big boys are out to bully a small country like Cyprus into submission. Note that Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece have had very similar problems but were not singled out for the punishment reserved for little Cyprus.

So many ask why this is? Well the reason is clearly one to do with the vast oil reserves found on the south coast of the Republic. The race is on to get drilling rights. The Russians, Germans, French, Americans they all want to have a large portion of this cake not to mention Turkeys ludicrous claim that they should have rights and control  over what Cyprus has! So many are saying that the crisis has been created to ensure that the Cypriots know their place and give in as much as they can and are not tempted to let the Russians in.

This is international bullying and it shows us that nothing has changed. Power and military might reign over small states. Unacceptable and unethical!

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