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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spanish general strike - Nosotros Estamos Preparados

Trades Unions in Spain have mobilised and got all who work in the public sector out in a general strike which follows the strikes that have already taken place in Greece and Portugal last week.

The walkout is in protest at changes to labour laws and the introduction of severe austerity measures that are hitting hard the poor and those out of work.

The Spanish government, is struggling to satisfy the fiscal requirements of EU and international investors while avoiding the fate of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, which were all forced to accept a bailout with harsh conditions.

The New PM, Mariano Rajoy, passed a decree on workers' rights limiting workers rights and making it cheaper and easier for companies concerned about their own productivity to lay off people, cut wages and modify other employment conditions.

Spain's unemployment rate is nearly 23%, higher than that of Greece and Portugal and the highest in the euro zone.nearly 50% among young people.

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