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Monday, 26 March 2012

Is there a need for an MP of Greek origin?

Attended a meeting on Saturday to mark the setting up of the Greek community support unit supported by LGR and other community groups

One of the topics of discussion was the mobilisation on political lines of the Greek speaking community in London and the need to have an MP of Greek origin as many see this as a desirable objective. Many other communities have already achieved this.

A number of those attending were under the impression that Andreas Adonis, now known as Lord Adonis, was the first MP of Greek origin in this country and of course that isn't true. Adonis was active in the Labour party and the Labour constituency in Islington North but was not an MP. He was in Blair's cabinet but was not an MP.

My argument has always been that a community or a campaign group does not necessarily have to have an MP to be effective as there are many other ways to represent those who need support without getting involved with Parliamentary procedures. But I now accept that the argument is in favor of the community having a representative in the House of Commons that can clearly speak for them. The community has of course got more than 23 Councillors mainly in the north London areas and the Leader of Merton Council is of course of Greek origin.

So looking at who is around and who is capable of doing what I would say that the real candidates are currently two. Peter Droussiotis ( President of the Greek Federation) and Cllr Alambritis, Leader of Merton Council, both of them are of course Labour party supporters. MEP Gianakoudaki is also an existing Euro MEP (Tory) for north London but does not aspire to be an MP and has not, to my knowledge, been involved with Greek community issues.

I am hoping that the work of organising this endeavour will start shortly and I will be meeting with those who either wish to work towards promoting this idea or those who want to have a further discussion but the time tables are rather short and the objective will be to have someone in place for the next election which could be as early as in two years time?

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