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Sunday, 20 November 2011

The end of democracy?

There are those who say that the recent financial crisis has given rise to undemocratic factors who are in control of our destiny. It is not governments I think that create global problems but a small number of incredibly wealthy individuals that control 'the markets' These individuals have astonishing powers and can determine whether governments stay in power or fall as we have seen in Greece and Italy recently.

But I do not think this is a new phenomenon, the clique that controls the 'markets' has been in operation for years and was very active in the last century hence the depression, followed by the recession and then two nasty wars.

And of course we must have a financial system to work with but allowing a group of people who are after all citizens with the same obligations as I have to determine the future of the planet is unacceptable. Get these people in and regulate what they do. I don't want to hear another politician go on telly and say we can't do anything because the markets want this and the other. Why are they forcing Spain to pay 7% interest (highest ever) at a time when they know that the country will not be able to do this? Nationalise the bloody markets I say get the UN to run them if these irresponsible people don't stop their wreck less behaviour, or make them pay 90% tax on all their bloody earnings!

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