nick venedi

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Control the markets!

Many people I talk to think that the current financial crisis is very serious and the problems associated with it complex.

The truth is that whilst the crisis is serious and extremely dangerous the fact is there is nothing complicated about what goes on. Its all to do with little insecure boyz who spend all of their time playing roulette with the future of the world. These are unelected individuals often with very little education. They make anything between 10 to 200 million a year by speculating on whether a country can do x or y they then shift money around and dish out loans and make their profits on selling debt so the current 7% interest rate that Italy and Spain have to pay means that those two countries have to find another 300 billion to feed these peoples greet. The danger here is that this group of people are called 'the market' when what they really are are speculators who could bring in recessions or depressions and throw millions of people in poverty so that they themselves make more money. These are the people who created the preconditions for the first and second world wars. Don't let them do it again! Have we not learnt anything from history yet? States should be sovereign and in control of their destiny not the markets!!

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