nick venedi

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

nick venedi on google

Google does a good job on most occasions but then again there is little or no regulation when it comes to anyone posting stuff online that makes wild and unfounded allegations. There seems to be no way to challenge or get the offending material removed.

Google allows for a form that can be submitted but they do not allow for any form of investigation to take place  and there is no right of appeal. Their response to any requests to investigate issues of concern that are raised are done through a standard reply so no human involvement with looking at what you have complaint about? This can not be right?

I raised concerns about a silly entry that can be seen under google search from an ex. The issues raised there were filed under a site that allows for consumer complaints like bad plumbers etc. I explained  to Mr and Ms google that this should not be there as it is not a consumer related complaint but simply a personal outburst but they refused to look into it and send me a standard reply saying they cant be bothered. This is very unfair!

Nick Venedi


  1. nick venedi you are so right and it is so unfair!

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  3. good point nick venedi