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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

MPs pay

The question of whether MP's are paid enough or not keeps coming up and some mysterious ways are used to justify why they should be given more. Its obvious that every time there is a scandal about MP's behaviour some come up to say that they would not behave that way if they were paid more? I completely disagree with that.

Most credible job evaluation schemes take into account knowledge and skills needed to to the job. An MP does not need any knowledge or skills apart from using the right key words and saying things that people want to hear. This attracts career politicians who are experts in nothing other than speech making.

Using the Single Status Scheme which came out of the 1990 Whitley Council scheme an MP would score enough points to be placed on a grade equivalant to £32,000 ( approximately) So I have no bloody idea why there is constant debate about not paying them enough? And at the end of the day I don't want some expert in hot air production representing me thank you very much! The figure of £32,000 is enough and it will do!

nick venedi

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