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Monday, 26 January 2015

Tsipras Peron, the day after the night before..

So Tsipras Peron promised to re hire 10,000 new civil servants before the election and will refuse to pay back any of the money borrowed from ECB and the IMF. All sounds splendid. He is now looking at forming a coalition with a small anti immigrant party?

Tsipras Peron will most probably get his wish of turning Greece into the Euro version of Argentina. I hope his chosen sonng will be 'don't cry for me Hellinida..'

People were of course attracted to the rhetoric he used he promised everything that the people wanted but did not tell them how it can all be achieved? The proof of this spanachopitta ( version of Greek pudding) is in the eating I am afraid... I am just hoping that I am wrong about him.

Nick Venedi

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