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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

MP's pay

The issue around the amount we pay MPs keeps coming back. I am amazed that anyone thinks we should be paying people who are simply experts in manipulation and hot air as much as they get paid now.

I was one of the most senior London job evaluation appeals officers ( public sector ) for many years with experience in the Whitley Council and Single Status schemes. I took what MP's do now and put them through the job evaluation formula and using that they would come back as Senior Officer level 1 or at best 2 that would give them a pay of around £30,000 at today's prices so God knows why they are on double that amount!!! The solution to removing career politicians out of the system is to impose the public sector job evaluation scheme on their pay. Stop over paying these people they are in it for the money!!

nick venedi

nick venedi
nick venedi

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